Steve Tracey

Terms of Use:

The CSCR™ grants the following usages of the papers and presentation materials obtained from our Knowledge Bank, subject to your giving proper credit to the CSCR™ and contributing authors, including explicit CSCR™ copyright notice. 

·         Quoted in publications with explicit citation references giving proper credit to CSCR™ and contributing authors.

·         To reprint or reproduce, in whole or in part, in a book, article, or other scholarly work of which you are the author or editor requires the express written consent of CSCR™ in advance of any             publication. 

·         Use for teaching purposes in classes, including making multiple copies for all students, either as individual copies or as part of a printed course pack, provided that these are to be used solely             for classes you teach.  Such classes or presentations may not be for-profit classes or, for the express purpose of generating income for the presenter (e.g. in consulting work).

·         No other uses are granted nor implied.

Feb 20, 2018, 8:20 AM